from slowing down hiring and growth!

Mercu is the AI assistant for high-volume frontline hiring. Boost business growth and save your recruiting teams from the the burden of interview scheduling, repetitive candidate questions and interview no-shows.

Trusted by leading brands across frontline industries
Interview scheduling + reminders

Save recruiter time by automating interview scheduling and reducing no-shows by up to 63%.

Set up available interview or trial shift slots on your own, your team’s or a virtual calendar.
Invite qualified candidates via their preferred chat app to book an interview that suits their schedule.
Keep candidates engaged and reduce interview no-shows via Mercu’s automated reminders.
Provide a convenient way for candidates to reschedule their interview if they can’t make it.
Conversational hiring AI

Deliver a high-touch candidate experience without the high-touch HR overhead.

Respond to every single candidate via our AI-enabled conversational experience - without lifting a finger.
Help candidates find the perfect job to match their skills - without browsing endless boring job listings.
Instantly resolve candidate questions with AI. From salary details to shift requirements.
Boost candidate engagement by telling your company story and the values you stand for.
Smart workflows

Adapt Mercu Hire to your existing workflows. Not the other way around.

Set up customized, multi-stage hiring journeys by role and location.
Automate collecting candidate details, assessing their skills, and scheduling interviews.
Extend offers and send rejections at the click of a button (or set up rules to automate this).
ATS capabilities

Keep your frontline recruiters in the know via our simple, yet powerful ATS features.

Keep track of all candidates by job, location, and stage in the hiring funnel.
Boost your employer brand with intuitive and engaging careers pages.
Replace annoying spreadsheets with our powerful candidate tracking capabilities.
Powerful integrations

Boost your current HR tech-stack with Mercu’s leading candidate communication software.

Integrate with all major HRIS and ATS platforms out of the box and ensure all your systems talk to each other.
Build your own bespoke integration via our public APIs or get integration support from our team.

Sound too good to be true? Hear it from our customers.

Profile photo of Josh Bell.
“Mercu has given us an edge that our competitors don’t have: We now reach and engage candidates faster than anyone in the market, yet spend a fraction of the time we used to.”
Josh Bell
MD at Guzman Y Gomez
Read case study
Read case study
Profile photo of Josh Bell.
“Mercu has given us more insight into our workforce than any other tool in the past 10 years.”
Josh Bell
MD at Guzman Y Gomez
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Read case study
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View Integrations

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Still unsure? Find the answers you’re looking for.
What if a candidate doesn't use WhatsApp?
Don't worry! We can detect if a candidate doesn't have WhatsApp installed and automatically fall-back to SMS delivery for all hiring-related communication.
Will candidates be comfortable with receiving application updates on Whatsapp or SMS?
100%. Both internal data and third-party research shows that candidates (especially Gen-Z) prefer to receive application updates via WhatsApp or SMS.

Why? Because it's where most people already spend a lot of time and the chance of missing an update is much lower compared to email or phone calls.
Do you integrate with my existing ATS?
Yes! We integrate with pretty much all major Applicant Tracking Systems (and HRIS/HRMS).

And if we don't integrate with your system yet, we will build the integration to make it work!
What data do you use to train the conversational AI to answer candidate questions?
Great question! We have a pretty good idea of what candidates want to know and will ask you to provide answers to these questions.

Additionally, we will ask for any documents that cover employer branding, employee benefits, workplace culture, and pay rates.

And once we're live, we'll flag any questions that the conversational AI couldn't answer so that you can fill that knowledge gap.
I’m not sure my team will adopt it.
The answer is Mercu. See perfect employee engagement in action, today.

A high-volume hiring experience that your recruiters and candidates will thank you for.

Mercu Hire automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks when hiring frontline staff: Interview scheduling, interview reminders, and candidate questions. All while delivering the most convenient application experience on the market.