The AI assistant for growth-focused frontline workforces.

Use Mercu to automate your hiring, scale your onboarding, and make knowledge and tools available to your staff. Instantly.

Trusted by leading brands across frontline industries

High employee turnover
isn’t a passing trend.

It's a persistent reality that impacts all facets of your business.

Let's face it: Communicating with your frontline is hard. Emails and phone calls get missed, and separate workforce communication apps gather dust!
This costs you time, productivity, and profits.
The relentless cycle of hiring and training new staff is resource-intensive and constantly disrupts your operations.
Productivity and skill levels become inconsistent across your workforce, decreasing service quality and customer satisfaction.
Ultimately, trying to keep up with turnover proves near impossible without further complications and huge cost blow outs.
All of this translates to a disconnected workforce, higher turnover and mounting costs.

Mercu is the AI assistant for growth-focused frontline workforces.

Keep things running smoothly with Mercu, even when staff come and go.
Automate your hiring from application to interview scheduling and offer extension. Have our AI answer candidate questions instantly.
Scale your onboarding to ensure your new-joiners get to grips with their jobs and hit the ground running. No matter whether you have 500 or 50,000 staff.
Give employees the knowledge & tools in the flow of work to answer critical questions, troubleshoot issues, and confidently serve your customers.
Ensure you're always compliant with our smart workflows and dynamic enrolment rules.

Mercu's AI assistant combines the power of artifical intelligence with the ease of chat.

Reach your teams on the chat apps they already use, like Whatsapp or SMS. No new software, no separate logins, no hassle.

4-5x higher response rates than email and other native apps (e.g. Meta Workplace).
End-to-end encryption for secure comms and conversations that never leak out.
Rich third-party integrations with your existing tech stack. No added overhead.
Quick adoption through chat-apps employees already use and love.

Stop wasting recruiter time, cut no-shows in half, and delight your candidates.

Set up available interview or trial shift slots on your own, your team’s or a virtual calendar.
Automatically invite qualified candidates via their preferred chat app to book an interview that suits their schedule.
Keep candidates engaged and reduce interview no-shows via Mercu’s automated reminders.
Have Mercu's AI hiring assistant answer all candidate questions instantly, in line with your brand's tone of voice.

Boost time to productivity with scalable onboarding & training in the flow of work.

Micro-learning, maximum engagement. Ensure your frontline workforce performs at their full potential.
Automate your compliance headaches away. Get maximum coverage with minimum people-hours.
Say goodbye to one-off training. Create a constant learning culture with always-on, continuous engagement.
Know when you’re covered, and when you’re not. Rich analytics give you a detailed view of your L&D posture.
AI Assistant

Answer all staff questions instantly with our ChatGPT over all your documents.

Train Mercu's AI assistant on all your documents (policies, handbooks, SOPs, etc) in just a few clicks.
Give employees the knowledge and tools they need to perform. Instantly and in the flow-of-work.
Use Mercu's advanced AI permissions rules to ensure only the right people have access to sensitive data.
Mercu is SOC 2 Type 2 certified and none of your data is ever used for training AI models.
Announcements & Communication

Cut through to your frontline. Every time, especially when it matters.

Emails, phone calls, and separate workforce apps don't cut through to your frontline. Mercu does!
Keep everyone in the loop on company updates, new products, and more.
Measure how effective your engagement initiatives are.

Put your business on auto-pilot with Mercu's AI and automation capabilities across the platform.

Use AI to draft hiring campaigns, trainings, and announcements from scratch or an existing document.
Teach Mercu your processes and way of working and let our smart workflows automate the rest.

Find out where the roadblocks are before you stumble. Get in-depth reports on key metrics.

Get actionable, real-time data on everything from training and comms to engagement.
Predict churn, devise enablement strategies, and identify laggards that need attention.

Sounds too good to be true? Hear it from our customers.

Profile photo of Josh Bell.
It is almost impossible to reach all staff at a detailed, intimate level once the team grows beyond 250 staff. With Mercu this problem is solved. We are able to protect our culture and morale while deeply impeding our mission & targets with immediate effect.
Josh Bell
MD at Guzman Y Gomez
Read case study
Read case study
Profile photo of Josh Bell.
“Mercu has given us more insight into our workforce than any other tool in the past 10 years.”
Josh Bell
MD at Guzman Y Gomez
Read case study
Read case study

Only 1% of software apps are built for frontline workers. We're here to change that!

We noticed that most companies co-opt tools built for office workers to communicate with and empower frontline workers. Except, it doesn't work.
Traditional software apps built for office workers are often prohibitively expensive, rely on clunky email log-ins and extensive onboarding, had terrible mobile UX, and were built with a tech-savvy audience in mind.

They were not cut out for the geographically-scattered, time-poor frontline workers.
So, we decided to build Mercu. An accessible AI assistant to automate hiring, scale onboarding, & make knowledge and tools available. Instantly.
View Integrations
View Integrations

Eliminate the headache of keeping up with 10 apps and 15 logins. Mercu integrates with your existing tech-stack!

Still unsure? Find the answers you’re looking for.

I’m not sure my team will adopt it.
The answer is Mercu. See perfect employee engagement in action, today.
I’m not sure my team will adopt it.
Mercu works through chat: which every employee and their grandma use on a daily basis. Which means zero training, zero adoption, zero set-up. Just plug and go, and watch your employees engage with and delight in Mercu!
Do I really need another tool for engagement?
You already recognize that low engagement is a problem that cannot be ignored. It has a cascading impact on the company—and none of the tools you’ve used before have what it takes to fix it. We know, because we’ve tried them ourselves.

We have a tool that’s built to tackle the specific challenges and needs of the deskless workforce.

We bet that once you try Mercu, you’ll need just one engagement tool: Ours.
How expensive is Mercu?
Our pricing varies depending on the size and needs of your staff, which is why we’d love to chat with you, understand your requirements and send over a quote.

What we can promise you is that we’re reasonably priced. Our quotes will not shock you or your exec team. We understand that one of the major barriers to engagement tools is their exorbitant price—and we’re actively working against that tide to provide a solution that every team can afford.
Do you integrate with the tools I use?
The answer is most likely yes—but we can confirm this for you if you could drop us a message or jump on a quick call with our team!
Will my staff be comfortable with receiving work comms on Whatsapp?
More than you would expect.

Emails and apps might seem professional, but they just don’t work. Workers across industries and over hundreds of companies use chat to communicate already. The truth is: Chat is easy. It is convenient. It reduces friction and makes the job simpler for employees.

No one wants to dial a number or log into a platform to find information or complete training. Your employees would prefer a quick text.

Give your frontline the AI assistant they need (and deserve).

Create operational efficiencies using AI and automation. Drive employee productivity and engagement.
Streamline comms and training workflows with AI.
Automate the delivery of onboarding and training.
Gain actionable insights with real-time analytics.
Ensure accessibility and quick adoption via chat-based delivery.
Increase productivity and reduce errors with AI.