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Mercu is the most effective way to automate screening, hiring, and onboarding of frontline staff. We save recruiting teams hours each month, cut interview no-shows in half, and give candidates the best application experience in the market.

Trusted by leading brands across frontline industries
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More features, more integrations, better user experience, stronger results!

Core Applicant Tracking System (ATS) capabilities
Support For multi-location businesses (e.g. franchises)
AI-enabled candidate screening capabilities
Integrations with 100+ third-party HRIS, ATS, payroll, and rostering systems
AI-powered conversational hiring experience to answer candidate questions instantly
Chat-based candidate experience (SMS, WhatsApp, etc) with automated nudges
Modern and intuitive user interface for both recruiters and HR teams
No additional login, password, or app for your candidates
Industry-leading customer support via WhatsApp, live chat, phone, and email

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90% tools are built for desk-based employees. We’re here to change that.

Sometime in 2022, we noticed that companies were co-opting tools built for desk-bound workers to engage and empower deskless employees. Except, it didn’t work.
These makeshift solutions were prohibitively expensive, needed email log-ins and extensive training, had terrible mobile UX, and were built for tech-savvy users.

They were not cut out for the geographically-scattered, time-poor deskless workers.
So, we decided to build Mercu. A cutting-edge solution to simplifying deskless jobs and making them less stressful.
View Integrations
View Integrations

Eliminate the headache of keeping up with 10 apps and 15 logins.

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What if a candidate doesn't use WhatsApp?
Don't worry! We can detect if a candidate doesn't have WhatsApp installed and automatically fall-back to SMS delivery for all hiring-related communication.
Will candidates be comfortable with receiving application updates on Whatsapp or SMS?
100%. Both internal data and third-party research shows that candidates (especially Gen-Z) prefer to receive application updates via WhatsApp or SMS.

Why? Because it's where most people already spend a lot of time and the chance of missing an update is much lower compared to email or phone calls.
Do you integrate with my existing ATS?
Yes! We integrate with pretty much all major Applicant Tracking Systems (and HRIS/HRMS).

And if we don't integrate with your system yet, we will build the integration to make it work!
What data do you use to train the conversational AI to answer candidate questions?
Great question! We have a pretty good idea of what candidates want to know and will ask you to provide answers to these questions.

Additionally, we will ask for any documents that cover employer branding, employee benefits, workplace culture, and pay rates.

And once we're live, we'll flag any questions that the conversational AI couldn't answer so that you can fill that knowledge gap.
I’m not sure my team will adopt it.
The answer is Mercu. See perfect employee engagement in action, today.

Time-consuming manual communication is out. Your deskless workforce needs better.

The answer is Mercu. See perfect employee engagement in action, today.
Streamline comms and training workflows with AI.
Automate the delivery of onboarding and training.
Gain actionable insights with real-time analytics.
Ensure accessibility and quick adoption via chat-based delivery.
Increase productivity and reduce errors with AI.