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Up to 200 candidates/mo

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Email, Live Chat, WhatsApp
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Decathlon shortened time-to-hire by 76% and reduced interview no-shows by 33%.

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“The implementation of Mercu has been a game-changer for us. It's not just about the time savings; it's about the consistency and quality of the candidate experience. We've set a new benchmark in retail hiring.”
Arjun Mutreja
Head of People, DECAThlon Singapore
Read case study
Read case study

Guzman y Gomez hired 123 new team members in under two weeks with only one recruiter.

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“Mercu has given us an edge that our competitors don’t have: We now reach and engage candidates faster than anyone in the market, yet spend a fraction of the time we used to.”
Josh Bell
MD at Guzman Y Gomez
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See how

Pricing FAQs

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I’m not sure my team will adopt it.
The answer is Mercu. See perfect employee engagement in action, today.
What counts as an active job?
An active job is any job that is currently hiring. This means that candidates can apply for this job and you can upload candidates manually.

We recommend archiving any jobs that no longer accept applications.
Why do you charge for interview scheduling?
Our automated interview scheduling feature sends WhatsApp or SMS messages to your shortlisted candidates. This is a paid service.
I don't use an Applicant Tracking System. Can I use Mercu?
Absolutely! Mercu works as a standalone light-weight ATS.

Many of our customers move to Mercu from Google Sheets or
What is AI-powered screening?
AI-powered screening uses AI to "read" through a candidate's application (e.g. their resume) and then determines a match score based on the candidate's fit for the job's requirements.

This helps you shortlist the right candidates automatically, saving you countless hours.
What Applicant Tracking Systems do you integrate with?
You can find a list of our current ATS integrations here.

Additionally, we strive to integrate with all our customers' ATS. If you don't see your ATS on the list, please reach out to us so we can discuss your requirements,

A high-volume hiring experience that your recruiters and candidates will thank you for.

Mercu Hire automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks when hiring frontline staff: Interview scheduling, interview reminders, and candidate questions. All while delivering the most engaging candidate experience available on the market.