I’m not sure my team will adopt it.
The answer is Mercu. See perfect employee engagement in action, today.
I’m not sure my team will adopt it.
Mercu works through chat: which every employee and their grandma use on a daily basis. Which means zero training, zero adoption, zero set-up. Just plug and go, and watch your employees engage with and delight in Mercu!
Do I really need another tool for engagement?
You already recognize that low engagement is a problem that cannot be ignored. It has a cascading impact on the company—and none of the tools you’ve used before have what it takes to fix it. We know, because we’ve tried them ourselves.

We have a tool that’s built to tackle the specific challenges and needs of the deskless workforce.

We bet that once you try Mercu, you’ll need just one engagement tool: Ours.
How is Mercu different from regular Whatsapp?
Great question!

With regular Whatsapp and similar chat apps, you communicate with your staff via messy group chats. This means no analytics, no insights, no quizzing—just blasts of content to everyone.

With Mercu, you automate 1:1 communication at scale, get rich analytics and insights, can send quizzes to test knowledge, and so much more.

Think of Mercu as a way to supercharge your employee enablement via chat.
I worry about company information being leaked.
One of the biggest concerns we hear is around company information being leaked via chat apps.

We're here to tell you: We got you covered. For sharing highly sensitive company information, we embed a secure web experience into the chat flow.

This way, your information is safe without compromising on the accessibility of Mercu's chat-based experience.
How secure is Mercu?
Mercu complies with all the latest IT security best practices and is therefore incredibly secure. Plus, we're in the process of becoming SOC 2 Type 2 certified.
Do you integrate with the tools I use?
The answer is most likely yes—but we can confirm this for you if you could drop us a message or jump on a quick call with our team!

Time-consuming manual communication is out. Your deskless workforce needs better.

The answer is Mercu. See perfect employee engagement in action, today.
Streamline comms and training workflows with AI.
Automate the delivery of onboarding and training.
Gain actionable insights with real-time analytics.
Ensure accessibility and quick adoption via chat-based delivery.
Increase productivity and reduce errors with AI.