mercu for Announcements

Emails, phone calls, and separate workforce apps don't cut through to your frontline.

Mercu helps you reach your frontline confidently where they already spend time online: Chat apps like WhatsApp. Track who has opened, read, and acknowledged important updates, newsletters, and more.

Trusted by leading brands across frontline industries
Important announcements

Cut through to your entire frontline within minutes when it's urgent!

Find out why employees are dissatisfied and get a head-start on retaining your best workers.
Track who opened, read, and acknowledged the message so you know where to focus offline outreach.
General comms

Keep everyone in the loop on company updates, new products, and more.

Level up your company comms to employees, franchise partners, suppliers, and more.
Move away from boring email comms and ensure your newsletter actually gets read.
Pulse Checks

Measure how effective your engagement initiatives are.

Run monthly chat-based pulse checks instead of high-level surveys that leave employees feeling unheard.
Prevent turnover with clear insights sourced directly from employees, in real-time.

Celebrate your employees. Show that you value them with strong recognition programs.

Create your custom recognition program or choose from a range of templates.
Boost morale and create a continuous feedback loop with 360 performance reviews.

Sounds too good to be true? Hear it from our customers.

Profile photo of Josh Bell.
It is almost impossible to reach all staff at a detailed, intimate level once the team grows beyond 250 staff. With Mercu this problem is solved. We are able to protect our culture and morale while deeply impeding our mission & targets with immediate effect.
Josh Bell
MD at Guzman Y Gomez
Read case study
Read case study
Profile photo of Josh Bell.
“Mercu has given us more insight into our workforce than any other tool in the past 10 years.”
Josh Bell
MD at Guzman Y Gomez
Read case study
Read case study
View Integrations
View Integrations

Seamlessly connect with day-to-day tools you can’t do without.

Have doubts? Find the clarity you need.

I’m not sure my team will adopt it.
The answer is Mercu. See perfect employee engagement in action, today.
I’m not sure my team will adopt it.
Mercu works through chat: which every employee and their grandma use on a daily basis. Which means zero training, zero adoption, zero set-up. Just plug and go, and watch your employees engage with and delight in Mercu!
Do I really need another tool for engagement?
You already recognize that low engagement is a problem that cannot be ignored. It has a cascading impact on the company—and none of the tools you’ve used before have what it takes to fix it. We know, because we’ve tried them ourselves.

We have a tool that’s built to tackle the specific challenges and needs of the deskless workforce.

We bet that once you try Mercu, you’ll need just one engagement tool: Ours.
How expensive is Mercu?
Our pricing varies depending on the size and needs of your staff, which is why we’d love to chat with you, understand your requirements and send over a quote.

What we can promise you is that we’re reasonably priced. Our quotes will not shock you or your exec team. We understand that one of the major barriers to engagement tools is their exorbitant price—and we’re actively working against that tide to provide a solution that every team can afford.
Do you integrate with the tools I use?
The answer is most likely yes—but we can confirm this for you if you could drop us a message or jump on a quick call with our team!
Will my staff be comfortable with receiving work comms on Whatsapp?
More than you would expect.

Emails and apps might seem professional, but they just don’t work. Workers across industries and over hundreds of companies use chat to communicate already. The truth is: Chat is easy. It is convenient. It reduces friction and makes the job simpler for employees.

No one wants to dial a number or log into a platform to find information or complete training. Your employees would prefer a quick text.

Announcements that your frontline won't miss!

Mercu takes away the extra work of engaging your workforce in new tools by communicating via apps your employees use everyday. Zero cognitive overload, zero hassle.